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The technology utilized in producing Hendrix ThermoGUARD was originally developed by NASA to create a spray-on insulation that would protect space shuttles from intense heat during re-entry into the atmosphere. A few years ago, Hendrix became affiliated with the manufacturer who adapted the NASA technology in order to make a heat reflecting additive with insulating properties for use by the general public.

Founded in 1996 by Robert Hanson, is the leading innovator in garage floor coating techniques. The floor’s coating process, developed and perfected by Hanson, remains the benchmark for the industry and raised the bar to a new level by which all garage floor coatings are measured. The beautifying qualities of Hanson’s garage flooring include hardening and insulating properties; however, when Hendrix ThermoGUARD is added to the garage floor coating, the insulating properties and surface durability are greatly enhanced.

“For the home owner,” Hendrix explained, “the combination of our products creates outstanding looking, more durable surfaces that reflect radiant heat when used outside on decks, pools and pool decks, as well as patios and even boat decks. On inside projects like garage floors, basement laundry rooms, exercise rooms, game rooms…whatever area they wish to embellish…the results are fantastic looking, warmer, dryer, more durable surfaces that are more resistant to scratches and scrapes. Our clients can’t believe the difference it makes!”

Both products—classified as “green”—are friendly to the environment. Hendrix ThermoGuard is nontoxic, odor free and has zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The company is gaining popularity in the Denver area, as well as in Minneapolis, MN, Omaha, NE, and other Midwest states. International interest has been expressed in the reflective, radiant heat barrier properties of the product.

Garage Floor 100% Solids Poly-Hybrid concrete floor coating products emit zero VOCs. In 2006, began a nationwide expansion resulting in 27 locations, operating in 15 states. One hundred locations are projected across the country within the next two to three years. For further information and estimates, see or call 877-324-2628.